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8 Things You Didn’t Know Forestry Mulching Could Be Used For

Forestry Mulching, another word for land clearing, is a method of landscape clearing that is efficient and Eco-friendly. The mulching machine shreds up all types of vegetation, leaving behind natural “mulch” which is good for the ecosystem. Broken-down vegetation is reintroduced into the soil, making it richer and more fertile. This method of clearing is much faster and more efficient than clearing areas by hand and our mulching machine can be used to clear large areas of unwanted trees, shrubs, and other brush in a short amount of time. 

1. Nature Trail Creation Local parks, recreation centers, hunting areas, bike paths, and more. This mulching machine is a much more efficient way to clear an area, creating a path in one pass. 

2. Tree Removal A chainsaw is not the only way to remove trees! The forestry mulcher uses its sharp teeth to grind up trees from the top down or once they have already fallen. Check the video below for a demonstration. 

3. Invasive Species Removal Is an invasive species taking over your property? These plants are called invasive for a reason. They spread quickly, are hard to get rid of and are not natural to the habitat they are in, and removing them by hand can only get you so far. These plants need to be removed down to the roots to avoid future spreading. The mulcher chews up the invasive plant and turns it back into nutrients for the soil! Talk about environmentally friendly. 

4. Fence and Property Line Clearing Get rid of those pesky sucker trees that line your fencing with the forestry mulcher. There will be no hauling off debris, stump grinding, or clean up involved…just shredded up vegetation which is good for your soil!

5. Real Estate Beautification Have a vacant lot that you are trying to sell? Is it overgrown and ugly? Been on the market for too long? Time to get that mulcher out there to clear it out, give it some curb appeal, and make it sell-able again. Show buyers the vision that the property could be. 

6. Wildfire Prevention Proactive mulching can help prevent wildfires by reducing the amount of leafy plants, dry brush, and other fuel sources on the forest floor. If left untreated, these fuel sources have a higher chance to catch fire and spread to the forest canopy. 

7. Debris Mulching Instead of hauling away piles of debris and vegetation, let the mulcher do the heavy lifting for you! You will save on disposal fees and a huge back ache. You will also create natural mulch that can be used in other areas of your landscape. 

8. Right-of-way Clearing Ever wonder how they clear those long paths for roads, pipelines, and utility lines? The answer is forestry mulching. This process often includes clearing of trees, stumps, and other vegetation. 

If any of these services are something you are looking for, give us a call! We will be able to provide you with a competitive quote and quality service. Call us at 248-393-1311 for your free estimate. 

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